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A trip to Joshua Tree in Southern California is something that travelers can look forward to enjoying year-round. Here, the tantalizing terrain, amazing weather, and easy access to adventure and exploration make for an unforgettable stay with every getaway planned. That said, those who head here over Easter have even more to look forward to…

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Saguaro Ridge Joshua Tree vacation rental

Property Walkthrough: Saguaro Ridge

California has terrific attractions that offer the perfect grounds for different outdoor adventures. The economic heartbeat of the Morongo Basin, Yucca Valley, is one of these California locales with such attractions. This charming unincorporated town lies in San Bernardino County, roughly 60 miles east of San Bernardino City. You can visit this locale to explore…

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View of our Invisible House Joshua Tree vacation rental

Property Walkthrough: Invisible House

Vacationing in Southern California isn’t a matter of beach experience alone. Sometimes pushing away further into the mainland for some deserved desert adventure is the best thing to do. Exploring the California wild requires an equally fascinating vacation rental to match the experience. The Invisible House by Fieldtrip is one Joshua Tree vacation rental that…

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Alta House Joshua Tree vacation home

Property Walkthrough: Alta House

Alta House is a custom-built holiday home redefining desert luxury in Southern California. It is a tranquil space for a luxurious vacation. Alta House is the perfect definition of getting lost in the California wild in a luxurious way. The Joshua Tree vacation home is sandwiched in the desert but enjoys quite a strategic positioning.…

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trick or treat sign with pumpkins

Best Kid-Friendly Activities for Halloween in Joshua Tree

Located in California, the exquisite Joshua Tree is a great escape destination that tourists and locals love. Boasting a two-desert intersection town, it draws nature enthusiasts and art lovers yearning to encounter the ecosystems of Colorado and the Mojave Desert. In addition to harboring the charming Joshua Tree National Park, it has museums and art…

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Joshua Tree Rental

Property Walkthrough: The Overlook Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree is a peaceful and playful area known for natural beauty, festivals, friendly people, and incredible nature. But where should you stay during a trip to this fantastic must-visit location in the United States? We have a luxurious Joshua Tree rental that will be your trip’s highlight. You won’t even want to leave this…

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