Enjoy wine tasting on your Temecula spring break vacation

Consider Temecula for an Upcoming Spring Break Getaway Trip

02/02/2023 | by Fieldtrip Staff Writer | Holidays

California’s relatively warm weather, experienced in most of the state’s metropolises, attracts tourists to this region for spring break. Temecula is one of these cities in California that’s famous for scenic landscapes, a suitable climate, and exciting attractions. Since these conditions provide the proper settings for unbridled fun, you can plan a Temecula spring break getaway. Here are the adventures that will make you consider Temecula for an upcoming spring break getaway trip.

Wine Tasting

Napa Valley is not the only wine country in California that promises a palette-satisfying experience. Temecula Valley also stands sturdy in making its claims to wine connoisseurs worldwide. The wineries in this scenic valley highlight the rich viticulture practiced in the area. You can join other travelers in taking a trip across this wine country, exposing yourself to the different tastes offered.

One of these wineries is the Ponte Family Estate Winery, located at 35053 Rancho California Rd. Ponte Family Estate Winery has been around for over three decades. As the name suggests, the winery is family-run and managed by the Ponte family, who have been growing grapes in the valley since the late 1980s. You can visit the establishment to taste various wines stored in its tasting room.

Another winery worth exploring is the Vindemia Estate Winery, which lies along 33133 Vista Del Monte Rd. Like the Ponte Family Estate Winery and other boutiques in the area, Vindemia Estate Winery is also under family management. The owners of this winery practice sustainable farming, which is evident in the vineyards. You can visit this establishment alone or with your loved ones for an outdoor wine-tasting experience. The scenery is also perfect for alfresco dining. Therefore, carry food or snacks to enjoy outdoor dining if you can. You can also take wine tours with Grapeline Wine Tours. The trips take you to the valley’s top wineries and wine boutiques.

Visit Old Town Temecula

Sitting West of Interstate 15, several minutes from San Diego, Old Town Temecula brings a Western touch to Temecula Valley. The area features a vibrant and bustling commerce scene that connects travelers to retailers. Aspects of fascinating cultures, including art and cuisines, take up this thriving shopping scene.

You can visit this attraction to explore the Western-themed culinary brilliance displayed or shop for artifacts. Besides featuring restaurants that serve several of the area’s scintillating tastes, Old Town Temecula hosts numerous events across the year. During spring break, you can enjoy live band music and drinks from the establishments hosted by the attraction. If you’re exhausted and need a revitalizing massage session, head to the area to try out one of the spas.

Explore the Cuisine

Like other metropolises in California, Temecula takes pride in its fantastic cuisine. Visitors throng to the numerous establishments across the area to try out different tastes. You can join other revelers in any of these establishments for a memorable food-sampling experience.

One of these restaurants is the E.A.T Marketplace at 28410 Old Town Front St. If you’re vegan, vegetarian, or health-conscious, this establishment works around the clock to cater to your needs. Overseen by Leah di Bernardo, this cafe focuses on gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, keto, and paleo diets.

You can also check out other restaurants, such as 1909 Temecula, The Gambling Cowboy, and Bluewater Grill. These establishments serve meals ranging from seafood to snacks and unique drinks. All it takes to explore the area’s diverse culinary brilliance is an insatiable appetite for new cuisines.

Learn More About Temecula

Nothing highlights more about an area than its institutions. And like you guessed, Temecula features several institutions highlighting its history and progress. The famous Temecula Valley Museum is one of these attractions. This historical institution lying on 28314 Mercedes St, features permanent exhibits and pieces on author Erle Stanley Gardner.

Another noteworthy attraction that highlights Temecula’s history is the Pennypickle’s Workshop. Unlike Temecula Valley Museum, this institution is a science museum that offers educational tours to kids. Therefore if you’re visiting Temecula as a family, you can take the kids to this museum for some learning sessions.

Thriving Nightlife

The state of California is synonymous with bustling nightlife in all its cities, whether major or not. Temecula doesn’t shy away from claiming its stake among the cities with a thronging nightlife in California. Its exciting establishments, from the city to the wine country, offer perfect settings for a vibrant clubbing and partying experience.

Temecula Stampede is one of the many nightclubs in the area, promising an eventful night. You can visit this establishment which opens Thursday to Saturday from eight pm to 2 am for bull riding, billiards, and line dancing. Other interesting spots include Old Town Blues Club, The Burgundy Club, The Merc, and more.

Book Your Comfortable and Convenient Rental

Temecula is one of California’s top spring break destinations, thanks to its climate and landscape. Amidst these fascinating sceneries and fantastic weather conditions lie our convenient vacation rentals with excellent amenities. Contact us today to book one of these remarkable rentals.