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Family Friendly Events in Southern California that Won’t Break the Bank

09/02/2022 | by Fieldtrip Staff Writer | Things to Do

There are tons of fun things for kids to do when you go on a family holiday in Southern California. It doesn’t matter if you are outdoor lovers who want to go hiking all the time, or you prefer to go to unique shops, cool restaurants, and bustling cafes — there is something for everyone’s tastes in Southern California.

Plus, your kids are going to have a blast! Your teenagers will love having the independence to walk around the unique town and check out all the shops, cultural attractions, and museums. Your toddlers will enjoy seeing the live shows, exploring the green spaces, and going out to some of the beautiful beaches. There is something for everyone of varying ages when you come to Southern California for your upcoming holiday. 

And, not to mention, there are dozens of activities, sights, and spaces to visit that won’t break the bank! You don’t want your vacation to be fun but bankrupt you at the same time. Instead, check out this list of family activities in Southern California that are inexpensive for your upcoming holiday. 

Italy’s Little Mercado

If you are in the mood to buy some fresh pasta to cook in your modern kitchen for dinner, then heard here! Held every Wednesday through the end of September, this year-round market offers fresh fruits, vegetables, produce, fish, baked goods eggs, yogurt, milk, and much more! Your kids will enjoy talking to the local vendors and ogling at the amazing arts and crafts made by the nearby fishermen, farmers, chefs, cooks, and artists.

Make a Wish Ultimate Playhouse

This playhouse is a kid’s dream! Held in the summertime until the end of September, this vibrant and exciting attraction is held at Fairmont Grand Del Mar, making it an exciting, outdoor, and interactive event for kids of all ages. If you have younger children and toddlers, this is the best place to go! 


Held every single year at the end of September, the Annual ArtWalk in Carlsbad is a fun family-friendly activity that is held outside and can give you great views of the surrounding beaches, introduce you to local artists, show your kids interactive exhibits, and teach you more about the nearby community. This great event focuses on the North County community and the locals who have lived here for years, showcasing the different types of art from professional and beginner artists while sipping on some glasses of red wine, having a pint of ice-cold beer, and snacking on some of the local produce. Plus, you can enjoy live entertainment, like local bands and musicians, and check out the surrounding views that will surely take your breath away. 

Annual Pacific Islander Festival

If you come to Southern California in the fall, then you must come at the end of September! Not only can you still enjoy all of the summer activities, but this annual festival is the longest-running event bringing in big crowds from all over the world. There are dozens of community organizations, entertainers, vendors, musicians, and artists who travel to San Diego to come to this world-renowned festival. Your kids will love the attractions, tasty food, local vendors, and interactive kids’ exhibits!

Head to the Beach

Of course, this is an obvious thing to do if you are coming to Southern California with the kids. You can choose the beach of your liking, whether it is the more rugged area of Torrey Pines or going surfing in Del Mar, and then set up camp for a day. You can teach your kids how to swim, get a nice tan on the white sand beaches, and play ball games in the bright blue water. There is no better way to spend a full day or half-day than to come to family-friendly beaches with your kids!

Accommodation in Southern California

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