Serenity Modern 1 - A Newport Beach vacation home

Property Walkthrough: Serenity Modern 1

11/01/2022 | by Fieldtrip Staff Writer | Property Walkthrough

Are you tired of cramped hotel rooms? Are you worried that all Airbnbs are overpriced and out of the way? You might be right! If so, then you really can’t go wrong with renting a luxurious, spacious, modern Newport Beach vacation home that takes care of all of your needs. Instead of paying thousands of dollars for a small hotel, motel, or B&B, why not spend the same amount of money on a sprawling mansion that can fit all of your guests?

Doesn’t this sound like the ideal holiday? We think so too! Fieldtrip offers the Serenity Modern 1 home, an incredible house that is architecturally interesting, beautiful, and picturesque. You will want to come to visit this house just to take a photo of the exterior!

This three-bedroom and five-bathroom house can fit 8 guests and 2 pets comfortably, meaning you will never be cramped for space or not have your own private time. If you are looking for an architectural building that simply exudes a high-end experience and luxurious vacation, then look no further.

Let’s check out the perks of staying in Serenity Modern 1 and why this would be the ideal vacation home for those who want an upscale holiday.

Exterior Space

Not only are you staying in a massive home, but you are right in the heart of Newport Beach, United States. If you are interested in heading to the beach, checking out the nightlife, walking to local seafood restaurants, and getting a cup of coffee in the morning from a beach cafe, you can’t stay in a better spot. This house is in great proximity to all of the nearby amenities that you will want to use during your stay in California.

Plus, in the home, there is ample exterior space that makes it fun to be outside almost 24/7! You can head outside and sit at the 4-person table to have a meal, have a few drinks, or play a game of cards. If you were in the mood for a competitive game night, head to the billiards table to challenge your friends to a game of pool. Your other guest can sit on the outdoor sofa and watch a show on the smart TV while you try your luck at shooting the stripes or solids.

And top off your drink at the outside bar so the night can keep on going!

Living Area

As soon as you enter the home and see the living room, you will be blown away. The sleek and stylish interior decor is modern and upscale. Every detail is taken care of, ranking from the candles on the table to the pillows. Sit on one of the cozy white couches in the living room, put your drinks on the marble coffee table, and watch your favorite show.

You can also gaze out of the sliding glass doors at the incredible surroundings of Newport Beach. It doesn’t matter where you sit in the living room or dining room — you will get amazing views from anywhere due to the open floor plan and bright windows letting in light at all times of the day!


Even if you are not a hands-on chef, you will love this incredible kitchen. Featuring an all-white decor, with white cabinets, white granite countertops, and cream flooring, the sleek and stylish kitchen leaves little to the imagination.

Sit at one of the high-top bar stools to have appetizers with your friends or whip up a tasty dinner using the new refrigerator, freezer, microwave, stove, or oven. You will love getting out drinks on the white granite countertops, gazing out of the kitchen windows at the hilly surroundings, and having a few snacks at the granite bar island.

Upstairs Area

Plus, the house doesn’t end on the first floor! No, this house is incredible, offering multiple common spaces, bedrooms, and relaxing areas on all floors of the house. Head to the second story to relax in the lounge area on the cob couch, watch TV, or walk outside on the balcony to take in the views.

Not to mention, the bedrooms are on the upper floors. You can relax in the queen or king-sized bed and walk out on your own private balcony to wake up in the morning. There is no better way to see the sunrise than to make a cup of coffee and sit on the outdoor balcony to get amazing views of the picturesque beach town!

Accommodation in Newport Beach, California

This house is really the stuff you dream of when it comes to vacation. You will spare no expense at this property, offering high-end furnishings, incredible decor, upscale amenities, breathtaking views, and ample exterior space that will make it hard to leave at the end of your holiday.

Book Serenity Modern 1 with Fieldtrip to have the vacation of a lifetime!