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Best Kid-Friendly Activities for Halloween in Joshua Tree

09/28/2022 | by Fieldtrip Staff Writer | Things to Do

Located in California, the exquisite Joshua Tree is a great escape destination that tourists and locals love. Boasting a two-desert intersection town, it draws nature enthusiasts and art lovers yearning to encounter the ecosystems of Colorado and the Mojave Desert. In addition to harboring the charming Joshua Tree National Park, it has museums and art galleries begging to be explored. Are you intending to visit during the renowned Halloween season but wondering what to do with your kids? The following are fun-filled activities in Joshua Tree to engage in.

Join the Joshua Tree Music Festival

Experiencing the vibrant Joshua Tree Music Festival is one of the best ways to spend Halloween with your kids in this locale. Yearly, this all-ages-friendly event lures fun lovers across the globe with its diverse range of genres performed. When you are not on the dance floor, you can enjoy yoga, magic shows, face painting, or take a walk around the grounds as you absorb the breathtaking art and natural charm of the desert scenery. Whatever excites you and your loved ones, this place will make your stay worthwhile.

Enjoy the Morongo Basin Orchid Festival

If the eerie activities commonly associated with Halloween are not something you prefer as a family, then the Morongo Basin Orchid Festival is for you. In early October, this compelling extravaganza, including wine tasting, relishing different local cuisines, live music, taking pretty photos, and collecting orchids take place. When all the glamorous orchids are in seasonal bloom, there is a lot to see, from the lovely greenhouse tours to the judged contests open for public entry. Even better, there is an orchid class you can join as a family and arrange flowers you can take home at the end.

Hike the Hidden Valley Nature Trail

What better way for a family to pass the time during the Halloween season than to go hiking? Contrary to what many believe, Halloween doesn’t always have to be terrifying, especially with the young ones around. Though there are several easy trails for the little legs on this site, the Hidden Valley Trail stands out. Confined by rocks, it is assumed that cattle rustlers would have used this valley in the past. In addition, this site has informative plaques throughout the hike for those interested in learning about Hidden Valley’s fascinating history. Besides watching the park’s rock climbers in motion, you can also participate in some fun rock scrambling. So if you are an adrenaline junkie, this is the place to be.

Visit the World Famous Crotchet Museum

Joshua Tree has no shortage of bizarre, diverse, and freakish attractions that attract sightseers, specifically during Halloween, and the outstanding World Famous Crotchet Museum is no exception. This fun, family-friendly detour on an expedition to the desert is a must-have on everyone’s itinerary. Though the museum’s owner cannot crotchet, she has accumulated a diverse collection of crotcheted animals and other creations that ensure the whole family explores and spends time together. Besides being inspired and amused, young ones will mostly enjoy seeing Bunny, an adorable knitted alligator, and her doggie pal.

Go on the Keys Ranch Tour

What better time for the little ones to learn about this splendid locale’s ancient era than during the Halloween season? During the excursion, a tour guide will provide educational information regarding the earlier years and how William F. Keys and his family survived in the Mojave Desert. With the tour lasting 90 minutes, you will see the ranch house, schoolhouse, workshop, and store, which still stand to date. Another interesting part you don’t to miss is the ground packed with cars, trucks, mining equipment, and spare parts.

Visit the Spectacular Joshua Tree National Park

A visit to the magnificent Joshua Tree National Park is a must-have on every tourist’s bucket list, especially during the spooky season. With its groves of twisted trees and giant boulders creating an impressive setting, you can have an otherworldly experience that will leave you craving more. Besides being one of the most cherished and visited attractions in this slice of paradise, this park is kid-friendly, with superb activities to engage in as a family. Whether you are seeking a camping adventure or a day’s hike, you can be sure to leave this haven with unforgettable memories. Additionally, you will spot animals such as kangaroos, lizards, non-venomous snakes, and black-tailed jackrabbits, just to mention a few. With its mind-blowing vista, you can take stunning family pictures for future recollections.

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