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Book Your Thanksgiving Stay in Temecula

11/15/2022 | by Fieldtrip Staff Writer | Holidays

Thanksgiving is technically a feasting day. It is among the special times in a year you create time to spend with your family. Traditionally, this day has been all about preparing your turkey dishes and spending time with your kids in the backyard. However, the time has come for you to try something new for this year’s Thanksgiving. A family or solo getaway in Temecula will be a great way to spice up your Thanksgiving celebration. Here’s why Thanksgiving in Temecula, California is your go-to holiday destination this Thanksgiving Day.

Wine Tasting Tour

The number one reason why Temecula should top your list of getaways is the winetasting tours that await you. Temecula Valley is home to vast vineyards and wineries. Most of the wineries offer onsite wine tasting with a terrace overlooking the main entrances. Sampling your favorite wine brand straight from the fermentation barrels is something to live for. Additionally, you are taken through the process of winemaking from the farm right to your glass. Most of the wine tasting tours are designed to be family-friendly with a separate place for kids. Also, there is a small lunch to pair with the wine glass at hand.

Playing Golf

Thanksgiving in Temecula goes beyond feasting. The physical part of it is also worth exploring. Have you been to a golf course before? Assuming you have done it, this region has the right resources to help perfect your golfing skills. If it is your first time, now is the time to learn the basics of this elite sport. Golf is more than just a game. It is more of a lifestyle. The golf course is a good place for you to make new friends or interact with people who can inspire you. The people you meet here are not just ordinary citizens, they are the captains of this world. They are the people who run big businesses, and so much more. Meeting such influential people means your Temecula stay will be more than just a vacation.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

The adventure in Temecula is not limited to land. There is also an aerial aspect of the tour. Hot air balloon rides are common here. Shared early morning hot air balloon rides are such an adventurous way to kickstart your day. These balloons fly above the extensive vineyards with the full glare of the rising sun. Watching the breathtaking views of the Temecula Valley landscape from up there is one of the exciting experiences to look out for in this part of California.

The Nightlife

Temecula has one of the craziest nightlife experiences you will see in California. On usual weekdays, it is an innocent town that changes drastically come Friday. Saturday and Friday nights are the perfect time to be out here to enjoy some live music. This city seems to be drawing inspiration from the famous Vegas Strip. As part of the nightlife experience, you may as well consider going for a gaming session in one of the casinos. Whether it is the vending machines, poke cards, or live horse races, casinos in Temecula have it all.

Beautiful Amusement Parks

Amusement parks are also a great way to spend your Thanksgiving stay in Temecula. The city has multiple parks, some free to the public, and others charging a small fee. There is a lot for you to explore in these parks. From incredible gardening to the number of available bike rentals, there is never a dull day in these parks. Horse riding is also a valuable option to explore these parks at length. They are the perfect place for a family-friendly Thanksgiving Day experience.

Shopping Adventure

The best way to sum up the perfect Thanksgiving celebration in Temecula is by indulging in an intensive shopping spree. Old Town Temecula is a good place to start it off with some antique shopping. This town takes you back in time and buying some of the artifacts of the stores will be a good mark of your adventure. Apart from the antique stores, this city is also home to unique boutiques that will help you maintain your fashion sense. The city is also lined with multiple restaurants serving a wide range of global cuisines. Sampling some of them will be a great way to sign out of Temecula in preparation for your next adventure.

Book Your Thanksgiving Stay in Temecula

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