Fall Activities in Newport Beach, California 2022

08/05/2022 | by Josh Seigel | Things to Do

Newport Beach is one of the best beach towns in the entire sunny state of California. Although other locations, like Laguna or Malibu, might be more visited than the quieter Newport Beach town, we love how this coastal area is more relaxed compared to the other tourist hubs. This means that you can go to a restaurant without thousands of people, head to the beach without it being overrun, and find accommodation without paying for an overpriced hotel room.

I can still enjoy the best of both worlds — you can enjoy the white sand beaches, bright blue waters, and fun community, without being in the middle of throngs of tourists who can make your vacation less enjoyable. Plus, there are tons of activities in Newport Beach all year round — it doesn’t matter if you head here in the heat of the summer, the dead of winter, or the shoulder seasons, Newport Beach has something for everyone.

Personally, we love coming here in the fall! Not only can you catch the tail end of the sunny and summer weather, but you will have fewer crowds, lower prices, and more space to really explore this incredible coastal town. 

Balboa Fun Zone Presents Makers in the Zone

Are you into live music from local artists? Then you will love this outdoor event! Running all summer long from May 26 until September 22, we love coming here in September to enjoy the cool weather and fewer people. You can check out some of the local musicians, local artists, yummy food, and tasty drinks on warm sunny days. 

Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort — Movies on the Beach 

Lay under the stars with your pals or your partner and check out some of the best classic movies of all time projected onto the big screen. Head here in the fall season with a blanket, hot chocolate, and popcorn to really enjoy nature at its best. You can check out movies on the beach all summer long, with some of the best movies debuting in the fall seasons. We recommend heading here in August to check out the infamous classic ‘The Lion King,’ ‘The Princess & The Frog,’ or ‘Monsters, Inc.’ This is the perfect thing to do with your kids if you are tired of sitting inside and staring at the same-old TV every single night! 

Newport Beach Film Festival 

The Newport Beach Film Festival is an annual event held for one week during October that showcases some of the best local talent, old-school classics, and film-making prodigies that will really capture your attention. Celebrated as one of the best art festivals in the entire country, the NBFF has over 60,000 film fans per year who come to celebrate and watch 100 films, 30 short features, and other public parties featuring local food and drinks from nearby Californian vendors. What more could you want in a week-long festival? 

Pacific Wine & Food Classic

The Pacific Wine & Food Classic is one of the best yearly events that is held at the Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort & Marina. This ideal backdrop provides the perfect scenario for this upscale culinary experience with tasty wine from local vineyards, strong cocktails, and mouthwatering bites from local chefs. Plus, don’t just take our word for it — this festival was voted on the list of the 10 Best Food Festivals in the entire United States, according to the highly lauded USA Today. 

We recommend coming here if you want to check out dozens of local restaurants, food purveyors, and talented chefs who use fresh seafood, local ingredients, and organic produce to put together comprehensive dishes that are really going to make you say ‘WOW!’

We love this event for friends and family who want to come to Newport Beach to check out the local culture, explore the foodie scene, and enjoy the expansive views of the coastal vistas of California.

Accommodation in Newport Beach, California

But where should you stay during your upcoming vacation in Newport Beach? Luckily for you, there are tons of accommodation options that are right on the water, perched on the high-up hills, or near one of the beach events you want to go to. Whether you are headed here with your partner, kids, or best friends, there is something for everyone.

We offer a wide range of properties that are suitable for those who want private outdoor spaces, shared amenities, and proximity to all that Newport Beach has to offer. For families who want to check out the movies on the beach, you can find family-friendly rentals that offer bunk bedrooms and plenty of outdoor space for your kids to play. For partners who want to check out the wine festival, we have luxurious and modern condominiums with comfortable king beds that are perfect for a romantic weekend getaway.

No matter what you are looking for, we can help you get it! Use Stay Fieldtrip to find your perfect accommodation.