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Property Walkthrough: Alta House

11/01/2022 | by Josh Seigel | Property Walkthrough

Alta House is a custom-built holiday home redefining desert luxury in Southern California. It is a tranquil space for a luxurious vacation. Alta House is the perfect definition of getting lost in the California wild in a luxurious way. The Joshua Tree vacation home is sandwiched in the desert but enjoys quite a strategic positioning. The entrance of Joshua Tree National Park is approximately 14 minutes away while downtown Joshua Tree is seven minutes from the house. With such features in the backdrop, this property is essentially the epitome of pure desert luxury. Ample parking, an overlooking pool, and an outdoor firepit are snippets of what you should expect from this property. Here is a detailed description of what the Alta House experience feels like.

High-End Amenities

Alta House is a noticeable masterpiece in the vast Californian South for different reasons. Top among them is the ultramodern design that stands out in the desert area. It is a three-bedroom main house with a separate two-bedroom casita. In short, this property can hold more than 10 guests without compromising their space and privacy. Have you been to a property where you are forced to pay extra fees for your parking? Well, Alta House is designed with the issue of parking at heart. On one end of the compound is a designated parking lot, huge enough to accommodate multiple vehicles. The casita has a private carport which translates to extra parking space. And this parking area is well-guarded, which allows you to concentrate on the main part, the adventure.

Alta house adopts an open floor design. The kitchen, dining area, and living room are all in the same open space. One section of the floor is what would traditionally be the living room. This section is furnished with a well-polished floor, cozy seats, and adequate lighting. The sofas are arranged in a circular pattern with a huge television at the center. The presence of a paid cable means you stay updated on current affairs while the vacation lasts. The ceiling-to-floor windows in the sitting area breathe new life into your California stay. Besides the wonderful views of the surroundings, these windows are also a huge relief from the troublesome artificial lighting.

The house has an ultramodern kitchen fully stocked with virtually all cooking essentials. This kitchen is an open space that can hold more than one guest at a time. Instead of taking turns, this space allows you to join hands and have fun as you prepare your meals. The beauty of it all is the presence of top-end appliances to facilitate your cooking. From a toaster and microwave to a stove and refrigerator, you have every reason to stick around and cook. If you love your coffee brewed, be sure to let it drip from the machine for some time. It tastes different that way. With Alta House, there is no room for wastage. You can use the refrigerator to preserve leftovers from the previous night. On the walls of the kitchen are custom cabinets used to store your foodstuffs. The marble countertops around the kitchen also provide enough chopping space. If you are one of those people who love their grill, our property allows for that. It has an outdoor grill where you prepare your steak and barbecue while still enjoying those wonderful views. Why order barbecues from nearby restaurants when you can make them comfortably from your house?

The outdoor space is as gorgeous as the indoor. Overlooking the house on one end is a custom pool. With the desert’s unrelenting heat, you will at some point need a swim to cool off the rising temperatures. Around the pool are several sun loungers where you rest in between dips. They are also used to soak up some sun whenever it gets too cold in the pool. The pool is also a good place to host a party for your friends. So you can buy drinks, prepare your grill, and get the party rolling.

In the outdoor setting is a firepit. Your evenings should not always be confined indoors. These firepits are here to keep you warm as you spend more time outdoors. Enjoy the desert stars from a clear sky while still keeping warm. The outdoor space also houses a dining area. Let your travel partner enjoy those wonderful meals while still in the awe of the surrounding.

Aluta House is designed to be a luxury holiday home complete with a game area. Take time and test your foosball skills. Embrace these games as a way to bond appropriately with your friends. Another vital entertainment aspect to look out for is the presence of a reliable Wi-Fi connection. With fast internet, no picture will miss out on your Insta stories. Also, you stay updated on what is happening near you. The internet also ensures you don’t miss any of those important business emails.

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