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Property Walkthrough: Invisible House

12/16/2022 | by Fieldtrip Staff Writer | Property Walkthrough

Vacationing in Southern California isn’t a matter of beach experience alone. Sometimes pushing away further into the mainland for some deserved desert adventure is the best thing to do. Exploring the California wild requires an equally fascinating vacation rental to match the experience. The Invisible House by Fieldtrip is one Joshua Tree vacation rental that matches the above description. It is a four-bedroomed property with all the vital components of luxury living. Here’s a detailed description of Invisible House.

Luxurious Amenities

The Invisible House exposes you to the desert life that you hardly knew existed. This property is defined by luxury in virtually all aspects. Featuring four bedrooms and the same number of king-size beds, the property can host up to eight guests at the same time. Each of the four bedrooms is uniquely designed and fitted with all the necessities of a modern home. All rooms have an ensuite bath with a waterfall shower overflowing with warm water to freshen you up. In total, there are five bathrooms which greatly reduces the wait time in case all of your eight guests are in a hurry. Besides, each bathroom has a bathtub that comes in handy when you have all the time to freshen up and relax.

The bedroom setup needs to be the most serene section of a vacation rental and the Invisible House isn’t any different. Our beds are designed and pampered for maximum comfort. From our cozy mattresses to the warm blankets and soft pillows, you have everything in place for a good night’s sleep. Same way, we have soft linen to act as a buffer between your body and the mattress. Our bedrooms adopt tech-based techniques to create the perfect environment for a nap. Our remote-controlled blackout sheets block away light from your bedroom making it easy for you to catch some sleep.

If you are the type of person who likes preparing their dishes wherever they go, then Invisible House is meant for you. Our gourmet kitchen setup is maximized for creativity and comfort. Armed with state-of-the-art appliances, you cannot make any excuses for failing to prepare your food. Our two oven setups mean you can prepare more than one meal at the same time. With California’s warm weather, you will need something cold to cool off your body. Our kitchen is fitted with a sub-zero refrigerator that keeps your vital drinks cold. Also, the fridge helps keep leftovers from the previous night fresh. Cleaning dishes is made easy by the presence of dual sinks with running water. Also, there is a grill that ensures barbecues don’t miss out on your everyday vacation diet.

Our unique luxury game in the desert is elevated a notch higher by the presence of an indoor pool. In a house setup that already contains bathtubs, this pool comes in as an extra package to spice up the whole experience. California’s unrelenting heat requires more than just a cold drink to cool off. Sometimes, a splash in this 100-foot custom pool is all you need. The fact that it is in-house means you have a timeless and endless swimming experience waiting for you. The pool has custom multicolored LED lights that create a whole different vibe over it.

With our 86-inch smart TV, you can enjoy Netflix and Amazon Prime. The TV has top-notch clarity defined by its 4K resolution. The sound is also perfect for news, music, and movies. This TV is paired with our reliable wireless network connectivity for a seamless streaming experience. You also have a chance to stream your favorite programs from your phone cost-free.

Exciting Outdoors

The outdoor setup of the Invisible House is as exciting as the high-end amenities found outside. Being a glass structure, you have access to a wide view angle of the outside without breaking a sweat. However, it would be better if you stepped out of the house to take full advantage of its incredible outdoor settings. The desert terrain surrounding this house is something to be excited about. Even spending the whole day hiking in the area is enough for a desert experience.

Apart from the immediate environment, the Invisible House has popular landmarks in the periphery. The legendary Joshua Tree National Park is a five-minutes-drive away from the house. This park is home to some indigenous trees and a good place to see wildlife such as kangaroo rats. The desert city of Palm Springs is less than an hour away from the house. This city is popular for its modern architecture and golf courses. It is also easy to fly out to major cities such as LA and San Diego.

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Do you want to experience a spiced-up desert vacation with all the vital components of luxury? Invisible House is the place to be. With our indoor pool, spacious rooms, and equally exciting outdoors, you are set for an intriguing adventure. Contact Fieldtrip today to book.