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Property Walkthrough: The Overlook Joshua Tree

08/17/2022 | by Fieldtrip Staff Writer | Property Walkthrough

Joshua Tree is a peaceful and playful area known for natural beauty, festivals, friendly people, and incredible nature. But where should you stay during a trip to this fantastic must-visit location in the United States? We have a luxurious Joshua Tree rental that will be your trip’s highlight. You won’t even want to leave this incredible home!

Located right in the heart of Joshua Tree, California, the Overlook Joshua Tree is a 7-bedroom, 5-bathroom mansion that is also pet-friendly. You and your 15 pals will absolutely love exploring the nearby area, relaxing in this spacious accommodation at night, and catching up on some much-needed sleep in the comfortable and cozy bedrooms. That’s right — you won’t have to leave your beloved fido at home. Bring your pup and have a vacation that everyone will enjoy.

Bedrooms in our Joshua Tree Rental

There is no shortage of bedrooms in this spacious and elegant property. All of your guests will enjoy their own space, complete with king beds — every single bedroom has a king bed for you to spread out and relax after a long day of walking around the incredible area. Plus, the bedrooms contain an ensuite bathroom to ensure that nobody is waiting in line to get into the bathroom.

Instead, the bedrooms have ensuite bathrooms with a waterfall shower to wash off the dirt and grime after hiking in the nearby area during the day. We can’t think of anything better — the feeling of the cool waterfall shower on your skin after a day of visiting the desert. How refreshing!

After a shower, you can curl up in bed and watch your favorite Netflix show on the smart TV. Also, enjoy the sunrise from your very own private patio attached to your bedroom. Make a quick cup of coffee and enjoy the peaceful morning on your private patio before you head out to start your day.

Incredible Architecture

One of the main selling points of this property is the jaw-dropping architecture. Instead of booking a boring hotel room from a typical chain that you will find in cities around the world, why not try this one-of-a-kind property that is going to be the focal point of your vacation?

This custom-built architectural estate not only offers incredible views of the nearby desert, but it contains distinctive floor-to-ceiling glass doors, 5-star furnishings, incredible amenities, and eccentric interior and exterior touches that make it one of the most desired properties in the entire state.

The entire exterior of this Joshua Tree rental look like something out of a movie or a futuristic novel. With clean lines, modern architecture, outdoor space, gardening touches, and stairways and ramps that lead to seemingly nowhere, The Overlook is elegantly designed and intricately detailed.

Common Spaces

One of the main focal points of this house is the common area. We love how the living room offers plush seating areas, with long couches, cozy chairs, and high stools that overlook the surrounding desert. With an easy-to-use fireplace, floor-to-ceiling windows, and ceiling fan to cool you off during the heat of the summer, the open living and dining room combination makes the space seem even bigger than it is! The tall ceiling makes it feel twice as big — and it is already huge!

Not to mention, the dining room table offers enough space for all of your guests to sit and have a nice dinner together. You can reminisce about your day after making a nice meal in the modern kitchen.


Speaking of the kitchen, we think that you will actually enjoy using this cooking area. Not only will you be able to serve your guests at the high-top island in the middle of the kitchen with a granite countertop, but the wooden cabinets, intricate furnishings, huge refrigerator, and stainless steel appliances make it fun to make food in this space.

Instead of using outdated appliances, you can use the massive gas stove, two refrigerators to store food, ample counter space, coffee machine, and toaster to whip up a fast breakfast in the morning for all of your guests to enjoy. Plus, if you don’t enjoy cooking, use the group’s Chef for cooking healthy food for you to enjoy during your luxurious holiday!

Does this sound like something that you would love? We think it does! The Overlook is a luxurious and modern accommodation option that overlooks the Joshua Tree Desert. Offering a unique viewpoint of the surrounding area in an architecturally electronic building. This will be a vacation you will never forget — so let FieldTrip take care of all the details, stresses, and booking procedures. This way, all you have to do is show up and have a good time!

After all, you want your holiday to be relaxing, stress-free, and fun for everyone. Ensure you have the best time ever by using a reputable company like FieldTrip to do all of the hard work for you!